Unique technology

DECRONE com­po­site dec­king com­bi­nes the advan­ta­ges from the natu­ral pro­per­ties of wood with the strength of modern composite.

Thanks to inno­va­tive com­po­si­tion of selec­ted wood fibers with well-known and appre­cia­ted in con­struc­tion indu­stry, poly­mer - PVC, we have the com­po­site which pro­vide all the advan­ta­ges of both mate­rials in a one cohe­sive and eco­lo­gi­cal material.Therefore, by joining toge­ther the very best of nature and tech­no­logy DECRONE com­po­site dec­king gives a num­ber of bene­fi­cial pro­per­ties, being the best alter­na­tive to natu­ral wood, or ceramic.

Most favo­ra­ble featu­res of the com­po­site, which is com­monly known as WPC (Wood Pla­stic Com­po­site) depends lar­gely on the type of poly­mer used as one of the main com­po­nents. It is worth kno­wing that there are com­pa­nies on the mar­ket that instead of the best poly­mer,  in this case PVC, use che­aper sub­sti­tu­tes, such as HDPE and PP poly­mers, which have worse phy­si­cal and che­mi­cal pro­per­ties. Unde­nia­bly, such prac­ti­ces are reflec­ted in the final pro­duct, redu­cing its per­for­mance, thus shor­te­ning its life.

By using selec­ted raw mate­rials that mainly come from recyc­ling, we not only get eco­lo­gi­cal pro­ducts, but also those which can be 100% recyc­led in the future. Con­si­de­ring that natu­ral wood used in this kind of archi­tec­ture often come from endan­ge­red rain­fo­re­sts,  by offe­ring DECRONE com­po­site dec­king, we respect the envi­ron­ment and con­tri­bute to their protection.

By using the wood fibers during the pro­duc­tion pro­cess, DECRONE gives simi­lar to natu­ral wood, warm feeling sur­face. Fur­ther­more by colo­ring the com­po­site thro­ughout it’s volume at the same time, we get a color that lasts for many years without the need for re-painting or costly and time-consuming maintenance.

It is impor­tant that the mate­rial, which you have every day con­tact with does not pose a hazard. DECRONE dec­king does not con­tain harm­ful che­mi­cals and has a very low rate of water absorp­tion. Thanks to this it pro­vi­des unfrien­dly con­di­tions for the deve­lop­ment of bac­te­ria and mold, which gives the maxi­mum pro­tec­tion exac­tly where you need it.

Resi­stance to phy­si­cal dama­ges and unfa­vo­ra­ble exter­nal fac­tors are just some of the bene­fits of DECRONE dec­king that will allow you to enjoy the aesthe­tic form for many years. While on first sight that could rub some people the wrong way, I think the history of jazz has done its best to be https://cellspyapps.org respectful

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